Tyzack File Format

The Tyzack File Format (.TFF) is a binary format for storing Tyzack-specific data that isn't covered by standard MSX-DOS 2 and CP/M file formats. For example, this can be samples, sample-label data, or Tyzack boot-files.

Byte offset Description
0x0000 Data type (16-bit):
0: Sampler labels dump
1: Sample
2: Sampler screen binary
3: Boot image
0x0002 Data sub-type (16-bit):
2-0: Packed sampler screen
3-0: Z80 MSX boot image
3-1: Z80 P2000C boot image
3-2: Acorn Atom boot image
3-3: Tulip System I boot image
3-4: Inmos T222 boot image
0x0004 Data length (32-bit)
Length 0 = until end of file
0x0008 Reserved for future use
0x0100 Data

Sampler labels dump (subtype 0)

Sampler labels are dumped as 26 x 16 bytes.

Byte offset Description
0x00 Label (ASCII A-Z)
0x01 Play options bitmap
bit 0: Loop on/off
bit 1: Forward (0)/Backward (1)
0x02 Label start (16-bit)
0x04 Label end (16-bit)
0x06 Reserved for future use